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  • Acid Resistant Belts, Acid resistant Belting

    Acid Resistant Hytrel Belt Acid Resistance Test: Put a piece of Hytrel polyester belting in a bottle containing the acid solution at the expected concentration. Let it sit for a …


    a division of… 7077 Consolidated Way, Bldg G n San Diego, CA 92121 n Voice: 858-586-9922 n Fax: 858-586-0055 n Natural Latex or Rubber Styrene P Stryene (100%) P Sulfuric acid G Tannic acid (65%) VG Tetrahydrofuran F *Toluene P

  • Ryton® PPS - Chemical Resistance | Solvay

    The chemical resistance of Ryton® PPS is well known to be outstanding, even at elevated temperatures. However, being an organic polymer, PPS can be affected by some chemicals under certain conditions. Over the years, we have accumulated a large database

  • Urethane Chemical Resistance | Properties Of Urethane

    Oleic Acid B Palmitic Acid A Phosphoric Acid, 20%-70% A Potassium Hydroxide Solutions B SAE #10 Oil (70 C/158 F) A Seawater A Soap Solutions A Sodium Hydroxide, 20% A Sodium Hydroxide, 46% B Soybean Oil B Stearic Acid A A Sulfuric Acid, 5-10%

  • hose for 98 sulfuric acid suppliers harare

    Im empyting a 1000 gallon tank that has contained 98% sulfuric acid. I had a water hose next to me and baking soda and vinager to use on Sulfuric Acid 70%, Sulfuric Acid 70% Suppliers and Alibaba offers 265 sulfuric acid 70% products.

  • Top 5 Acid Resistant Plastics - Craftech Industries - High …

    Many of our customers ask for information on acid resistant plastics. So here are the top five for all around acid resistance. Be sure to check out the chemical resistance chart at the bottom of this article. 1) Teflon® (PTFE) PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene. It is hydrophobic and is used as a non-stick coating for pans and other cookware. … Read more

  • Chemical Resistance Guide - Goodall Hoses; Intelligent …

    Oil (Mineral Oil) Olefins Oleic Acid Oleum (Fuming Sulfuric Acid) Oleyl Alcohol Olive Oil Optical brightening agent Organic Fatty Acids Orthochloro Ethyl Benzene Orthodichlorobenzene Orthodichlorobenzol Orthoxylene Oxalic Acid Oxygen, gaseous Ozone

  • EPDM & FKM Chemical Resistance Guide

    Ascorbic Acid 1 3 Askarel Transformer Oil 4 1 Aspartic Acid 1 3 Asphalt 4 1 ASTM Oil, No. 1 4 1 ASTM Oil, No. 2 4 1 ASTM Oil, No. 3 4 1 ASTM Oil, No. 4 4 1 ASTM Oil, No. 5 4 1 ASTM Reference Fuel A 4 1 ASTM Reference Fuel B 4 1 ASTM Reference

  • General Chemical yellow-2020 - WARCO

    Non-Oil Resistant Oil Resistant Chemical Resistance Guide Chemical Effect Rating: A - Recommended - Little or minor effect B - Minor to moderate effect - Rubber parts probably still useful in many appliions

  • Masterflex Tubing Chemical Compatibility from Masterflex

    WARNING The information in this chart has been supplied to Cole-Parmer by other reputable sources and is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility. Before permanent installation, test the equipment with the

  • Chemical resistance of UHMWPE fiber from DSM Dyneema

    Chemical resistance of UHMWPE fiber from DSM Dyneema UHMWPE fibers are very resistant against chemicals. Issued: 01-01-2016 Page: 1/2 Ref.: cis ya101 UHMWPE fibers from DSM Dyneema are produced from ultrahigh-molecular weight polyethylene. It is

  • 4 02A Chemical Resistance of Polypropylene and Elastomers

    specimen is resistant swelling < 3% or alternatively weight loss <. 0.5%, elongation of break not significantly changed specimen has limited swelling 3 - 8% or alternatively weight resistance only loss

  • HDPE Chemical Resistance Chart - San Diego Plastics Inc.

    King Plastic Corporation R = Resistant LR = Limited Resistant NR = Not Recommended ND = No Data HDPE Chemical Resistance Chart Resistance Level Resistance Level Chemical Name 20oC(68F) 60oC(140F) Chemical Name 20oC(68F) 60oC(140F)

  • Chemical Resistance | Hose and Fittings Source

    Even within hose temperature limits, end fittings and hose size can affect performance at higher temperatures. Service Conditions: A rubber compound usually swells when exposed to a chemical. Within a given percent of swell, a hose tube may function satisfactorily if the hose is in a static condition, but may fail quickly if the hose is subject to flexing.

  • Chemical Resistance Chart Acetaldehyde - Alcohols (Propyl)

    Page 1 Chemical Resistance Chart Acetaldehyde - Alcohols (Propyl) Chemical Resistance Data These recommendations are based upon information from material suppliers and careful examination of available published information and are believed to be accurate.

  • Flexible High Pressure Heat Resistant Hydraulic Oil …

    Home > Product Directory > Plastics & Rubber > Rubber Raw Materials > Flexible High Pressure Heat Resistant Hydraulic Oil Rubber Hose

  • Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resins chemical resistance guide

    13. Acid resistant glass should be used in the corrosion liner and may be used in the structural wall. 14. If chemical composition is unknown, obtain Safety Data Sheet from supplier 15. Slight discolouration of high purity acid can occur during first 16.


    Formic Acid (90%) Fuel Oil 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 20 50 LDPE HDPE PP PMP (TPX) Reagent PVC PC PS SAN ABS ACRYLIC PTFE PFA E-CTFE CHEMICAL RESISTANCE OF PLASTICS This chart gives

  • PTFE Chemical Resistance - Gapi Ltd

    Fuel Oil E Nitric Acid, 50% E Stearic Acid, Crystals E Gasoline E Nitric Acid, 70% E Sulfuric Acid, 1-6% E Glacial Acetic Acid E Nitrobenzene E Sulfuric Acid, 20% E Glycerin E n-Octane E Sulfuric Acid, 60% E n-Heptane E Orange Oil E46psi


    except with improved acid resistance where it will resist such oxi-dizing acids as nitric, hydrofluoric, and sulfuric acid. Abrasion re-sistance of Hypalon is excellent, about the equivalent of nitriles. Oil and solvent resistance is somewhat between that of neoprene

  • Chemical Resistance Chart - Goodall Hoses; Intelligent Hose …

    Arsenic Acid A A X X TVS Arsenic Chloride X I I I TN Arsenic Trichloride X X I I TB Asphalt ASTM #1 Oil A A A I TVBNS ASTM #2 Oil A A A A TVB ASTM #3 Oil A A A A TVB A Modified XLPE 316 SS Aluminium Brass Gasket

  • Falcon Tube, Pipet, and Cultureware Chemical Resistance Chart

    Sulfuric Acid, 10% n n n n n n n n n n Sulfuric Acid, 98% Concentrated n X XX Trichloroacetic Acid n X n X Xn n Good Falcon® Tube, Pipet, and Cultureware Chemical Resistance Chart Corning Life Sciences, Tewksbury, MA USA n Fair Not recommended

  • Industrial Hose, Couplings and Hose Fittings - Tubes …

    The table of chemical resistance is a guide to the initial selection of fitting and coupling material suitable for given operating conditions. Please contact Sales or Technical Department of TUBES INTERNATIONAL® to match the fitting material correctly with the appliion. TABLE OF FITTING MATERIAL CHEMICAL RESISTANCE A B C X – excellent resistance, suitable for […]

  • Chemical resistance ECTFE - Polyfluor

    Chemical resistance ECTFE ECTFE, also known as Halar®, is often chosen for appliions requiring excellent barrier resistant properties. Products out of ECTFE have excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical properties. Note: The chemical resistance of each

  • 17-4 Corrosion Resistance to Sulfuric Acid & Inconel | …

    I have low levels of sulfuric acid and chlorides that seem to be attacking the 17-4 steel. A: The best choice for both extreme strength and corrosion would be Inconel 718 bolts . Inconel 718 may be overkill as it can provide excellent corrosion resistance to concentrated acids and chlorides at high temperatures while boasting min yield of 175KSI.

  • Acid Resistance Chart | Fernco - US

    Sulfuric Acid 50% R R Sulfuric Acid 70% N N Sulfuric Acid 93% N N Sulfurous Acid R N Tannic Acid R R Tanning Liquors R R Tartaric Acid R R Toluene N N Trichloroethylene N N Triethanolamine N N Trisodium Phosphate R R Turpentine N N Urea R R Urine R R

  • INEOS PP Chemical Resistance Guide

    Carbonic acid S S Castor oil S S Caustic Soda, conc. S S S Cellosolve S S Legend: S = Satisfactory O = Some attack U = Unsatisfactory 2 of 5 PP Chemical Resistance Guide Reagent 70 F …

  • Polypropylene Chemical Resistance Guide

    sulfuric acid at 60 C (140 F) and fuming nitric acid and liquid bromine at room temperatures. Under strain, failure could occur with strong Carbonic acid A A - Castor oil A - - Cetyl alcohol 100 A - - Chlorine (gas) 100 D D - Chlorobenzene 100 C C - (a) A - - (a)

  • Chemical Resistance Properties of Tubing

    Chemical resistance will be adversely affected by elevated temperatures. IMPORTANT: It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the suitability and safety of Saint-Gobain tubing for all intended uses, including establishing the compatibility of any fluid with the tubing through which it is transmitted.

  • Mission Rubber FKM Chemical Resistance Guide

    Fluoroelastomer (FKM) resists over 300 different chemicals. Our Flouroelastomer (FKM) database is derived from various polymer suppliers, rubber manufacturers, and reputable industry sources. It is to be used only as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility.